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New Chanel Tweed Collection Now Available At Fashion Eyewear!

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Earlier this year Chanel unveiled their amazing Spring/Summer eyewear collections; Gentle Metal, Smart Leather, and Dandy Ribbon. These three beautiful optical and sun collections became an instant hit with the public and celebrities alike.

The Gentle Metal range was the only unisex collection, a first for Chanel this year as the brand has only ever designed eyewear for women before this year.

The French beauty pictured in the campaign (see above) is Maiwenn; a french director and good friend of Lagerfeld. Mr. Lagerfeld chose Maiwenn as his muse because he felt that her confident and elegant personality alongside her classic Parisienne looks were perfect for representing the brand and the new collection.

Okay, so the brand has released a tweed collection before which was also greatly received by fashion critics however, how does the new tweed collection measure up? Let’s take a closer look.

Acetate Frame In Beautiful Colours

The glasses and sunglasses in the collection are all made with acetate frames. The acetate used to create the front of the eyewear is extremely smooth to touch and ultra glossy. You can instantly tell by looking at the eyewear that the acetate used to produce the frames are of a high quality. Chanel’s uses acetate derived from cotton flowers.

This is a great ethical choice from the brand as this organic material grows in abundance. The colours available in the new Chanel tweed collection are authentic green, white, dark blue, iconic black, and British brown which looks very autumnal.

Tweed-Infused Rubber Moulded Frame Arms

Tweed bands were infused with the rubber material during production, this rubber was then injected into moulds in the shape of temple stems (frame arms). This innovative approach to using natural fabric in eyewear production gives the frames a unique and distinctive look. The small and subtle metal CC signature icon can be seen on the side of the temples.

Each temple stem will look different from others due to the variations in markings, colour, and fabric. So even if a hundred people may wear the same frames, no two pairs will look the same.

British Influences

Mademoiselle Chanel was very much in love with British culture, British fashion, and of course, the Duke of Westminster. On her trips to the UK, she would stay in Scotland at the Duke’s estate in the highlands. The tweed in her designs represented her love for the Duke and Scotland, her tweed designs adopted the same double-check patterns as the Scottish kilts.

Karl Lagerfeld has always proved himself worthy of his title at this prestigious fashion house and it’s very clear to see why. He consistently upholds the values of the brand through his designs. Her legendary life story lives on through his work.

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