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London Fashion Week 2012 : Statement Eyewear on the Fashion Scene

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The fashionistas amongst you would know that the fashion season NEVER ends, (even though London Fashion Week has just finished).  So here in no particular order is our very own report on the statement glasses that are dazzling our eyes, on and off the catwalk.


It seems that celebrities still can’t get enough of Wayfarer sunglasses. In town for previous London Fashion Week, Rihanna was spotted with her beloved Ray-Ban Wayfarer, en route to filming The Jonathan Ross Show.

Jessica Alba

Here’s Jessica Alba at Los Angeles airport on her way to Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. Loving the large sunnies and hat, but it's not going to hide her stunning good looks from the paparazzi.

Kristen Stewart

In Paris Fashion Week, love rat Kristen Stewart puts the skates on her vampire cred with John Lennon style glasses.

Katy Perry

Also during Paris Fashion Week, Katy Perry goes ice-blue during one of her many appearances. We love the way her sixties’ bouffant hairstyle sets off her Audrey Hepburn glasses perfectly well.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek looks fabulous in terracotta, but we are more enamoured of her sixties-inspired cat-eyed sunglasses. We might be prejudiced, but we think that she could probably get away with the librarian look with these cat-eyed sunglasses by Tom Ford.

John Rochas

From the sixties, we move on to the seventies, with John Rochas and his owlish, thick-rimmed glasses, although we're not sure if this will catch on.

Dior Homme

Proving that fashion is not just about women, Paris Men’s Fashion Week did not disappoint, with a fine range of sunglasses for men. Kris Von Assche, the designer for Dior Homme, featured military-inspired coats and glasses as seen in this video.

Prada Men

Prada did not disappoint either, with its stunning array of glasses that range from the playful to the practical. Prada’s catwalk models featured Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody and Willem Dafoe in fabulous overcoats.

Glasses for the streetwise

Talking about being fashion forward, check out our previous blog post of eyewear to make you stand out from the crowd.

Thinking of fashion statements, we anticipate a return to the 1980s with these Carrera Champion sunglasses, as spotted on Jensen Button and Nicole Scherzinger. We also think it’s great for the mullet look!

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