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Katy Perry : A Trendsetter in Prada PR61OS Sunglasses

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Katy Perry is a bit of a fashion icon in our eyes, she is often seen wearing many different styles of glasses or sunglasses both in her music videos and in everyday life. She's also one of those very lucky people who looks good in anything (don't you just hate those people)… Katy Perry is not afraid to try all kinds of styles of glasses including Wayfarer's and Clubmasters, but she seems to be owning the Cat's Eye styles all to herself – and why not, she looks great in them.

Lately, we've noticed a bit of an trend in a certain model of Prada sunglasses. I've spotted a few people out and about wearing this model as well as celebrity movie stars such as Dakota Fanning. Could this be a trend started by Fashion Queen Katy Perry earlier this year at the 2012 Paris Fashion Week?

During Paris Fashion Week, Katy Perry was spotted on multiple occasions, at various parties and fashion shows and every time she was wearing something different, even down to the sunglasses. Here (above) she was seen wearing a pale blue long satin coat, pleated pink dress and and striking long blue ponytail at the Miu Miu Fashion Show in April 2012. We thought her choice of Prada sunglasses here were perfect for the outfit she was wearing at the time.


Prada PR 61OS Sunglasses as Worn by Katy Perry

The model sunglasses worn by Katy Perry are these fetching Prada PR 61OS Sunglasses in colour 1BC7W1.

This seems to be a popular model of late so availability seems to be slightly temperamental at times, so if you fancy a pair of Katy Perry's sunglasses yourself, you better get your order in quick.

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