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How To Reuse An Eyeglass To Make Into A Picture Frame

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Tiffany Threadgould‘s  book, ReMake It!, is filled with recycled  DeyeY including how to make a picture frame from a pair of eyeglasses.



an old pair of eyeglasses a mini screwdriver a blank scrap paper a pencil scissors your photos clear tape 15 inches of fishing line


1. Remove the arms of the eyeglasses with the mini screwdriver. A mini screwdriver can be found in an eyeglass repair kit.

2. Make a template to cut out your photos. On a piece of scrap paper, trace around one lens of the eyeglasses. Cut along the line you drew. Hold the template behind the glass lens to see if it fits properly. If not, trim it until it does. Sometimes you’ll need to cut off about 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch around the edge.

3. Use the template to cut out your photos. Trace around the template onto your photo, and cut it out. Because eyeglass lenses are the same shape and mirror images of each other, you don’t have to make a whole new template for the other lens. Just flip the template over, and use it to trace around and cut a photo to fit in the other eyeglass lens.

4. Use a small amount of clear tape to tape your photos to the back of the eyeglasses.

5. To make a hanging loop, thread the fishing line through each side of the glasses where the arms were once attached, and tie the ends into knots. Hang your eyeglass picture frame on your wall, and focus on your new creation!

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