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Does Passion Fog Up Optical Lenses?

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Valentine Day is almost here and if memory serves me correct (HaHa) there will be a lot of fogged up lenses over the next couple of weeks. We are not….NOT..  talking winter snows although lenses have been known to fog up with a touch of cabin fever. Fogged up lenses can occur at work and sports.. it also happens in the heat of passion.. your breath can fog up lenses. So when Nanofilm sent us their special DeFog It anti-fog promotion… and we thought we would run it.. as it would make a great Valentine Gift for your customers..  These are the types of things that you can do to engage your patients, have some fun and keep them thinking of you.

I was trying to think of a great tag line: We love you so much, it fogs up our lenses? When kissing your S.O. (significant other) don’t let fogged up lenses prevent eye contact.. Use DeFogIt? We are so passionate about eye Safety.. Do You have a funny and appropriate Tag Line?

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