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Discover The Top 5 Best Selling Polo Glasses

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Today’s post is all about the top selling Polo optical frames.

What makes this brand so appealing is their unique and sophisticated style. The eyewear collection is always very traditional and classic in terms of shape and design.

The quality of the frames are always of a high standard as Polo Ralph Lauren is a luxury designer brand. has gathered up a collection of the top 5 best-sellers from the brand. These Polo glasses are extremely popular and tend to sell out very quickly. Celebrity fans of this brand include Hugh Jackman and Leighton Meester.

Top 5 Polo Ralph Lauren Frames

1. Polo PH2039

The PH2039 has a very sleek and sophisticated design. This model uses crystal clear acetate and black acetate together to create a unique look. The subtle brand logo of the equestrian sportsman can be seen on the temple stems. If you tend to wear a lot of colours or a lot of black, this frame is right for you.

2. Polo PH2065

An all-time favourite with people who adore Polo eyewear is the PH2065. These glasses are aimed at people who want to achieve a modern, sophisticated look from their eyewear. If you love bold eyewear and are not afraid to be unique, choose this 2065 model in a brighter colour such as yellow or red.

3. Polo PH2083

The PH2083 is a great optical frame for those who want the classic, intellectual look from their eyewear. The magnificent round shape and keyhole bridge design of the 2083 is stunning. The striped havana model pictured is the people’s favourite colour choice according to statistics.

4. Polo PH2047

This is another extremely searched for model; the PH2047 is quite similar in looks and design to the 2083 model. A distinctive difference is the rounded temple stems as well as the gold strip design on the temples. Discreet brand etchings can also be seen on the stems. If you’re looking for timeless spectacles, this model is right for you.

5. Polo PH2085

The PH2085 is one of the special models in the optical collection that is available in a matte finish! The smooth silky texture really adds a luxury appeal to the eyewear. Available in a range of colours, the 2085 looks absolutely stunning in black. It’s a very versatile model as it can adapt to any fashion style you decide to take.

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