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The Suave and Sophisticated Guide To Sunglasses For Men

When it comes to fashion blogs, most sites will focus on sunglasses for women, and never even mention sunglasses for men. For many men who want to up their style ante, it almost seems as if theres a dearth of information on the subject. Not sure what kind of sunglasses go with your style? This article is going to give suggestions for every guys style, from wild to mild.Release Your Inner Bad Boy!With the wild success of movies like Twilight, the Crow, and Mad Max, its easy to understand why so many men like to bring out their inner bad boy during a hot date. The right pair of sunglasses for men can pull together an outfit while adding an air of mystery. Bad boys typically will wear torn jeans, graphic shirts, and/or leather jackets during a date or a night out at the club. No matter where ... Read More

Kid Glasses

Sunglasses for children

Children might not be as interested as grown-ups have been in the style facet of glasses. But due to the fact that kids spend longer outdoors than most grown-ups do, shades that block 100 % from the suns dangerous ultraviolet (Ultra violet) sun rays are essential for children.Actually, researches show that our eyes get 80 % of the total lifetime exposure to the suns Ultra violet by age 18. And also, since excessive lifetime exposure to Ultra violet radiation leads to the development of cataracts as well as eye problems, its better for children to start to use high quality shades outdoors.Ultra violet sun rays arent the only potential hazard from sunshine. Lately, scientists have concluded that long-time exposure to with high-energy visible (HEV) light rays, also known as "blue light,&... Read More

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