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Z6627 Stainless Steel/TR90 Mens Womens Semi-rimless Square Optical Glasses for Classic,Nose Pads Bifocals (D.Gun)

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Glasses under Vista First Brand

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Z6627 Stainless Steel/TR90 Mens&Womens Semi-rimless Square Optical Glasses
  • Z6627 Stainless Steel/TR90 Mens&Womens Semi-rimless Square Optical Glasses
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Single VisionBi-focal Progressive

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  • Item: Z6627
  • Gender: Men & Women
  • Brand: Vista First
  • Rim: Semi-rimless
  • Shape: Oval,Rectangle
  • Materials: Stainless Steel/TR90
  • Style: Classic,Nose Pads
  • Spring Hinges: NO
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FREE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
FREE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Vista First embodies the commitment to both art and engineering of eyeglasses frames. It pays homage to both vintage and current designs while adding its own twist. The colors are carefully chosen and mixed with care to provide its distinctive look and quality appearance. Every Vista First is handmade with cellulose acetate. The material is made by mixing cottonseed fibers with plasticizers and stabilizers creating a semi-synthetic plastic that accommodates virtually all color combinations. Because the coloring agents are sealed into the frame, the frames do not lose its luster over time. The sheets of acetate are overlaid by hand then cut out to make each frame, one by one. Vista First is meant for all those who appreciate, despite this day and age, the traditional care and dedication given to each frame.
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