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Vista Sport 841 Propionate Kids Full Rim Heart-Shaped Sunglasses for Fashion,Party Bifocals (Pink)

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Vista Sport 841 Propionate Kids Full Rim Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
  • Vista Sport 841 Propionate Kids Full Rim Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
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  • $28.95
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  • Item: 841
  • Gender: Kid's
  • Brand: Vista Sport
  • Rim: Full Rim
  • Shape: Heart-Shaped
  • Materials: Propionate
  • Style: Fashion,Party
  • Spring Hinges: NO
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  • Propionate
  • Propionate
    Cellulose propionate has excellent flexibility and strength. The material’s lightness allows manufactures to produce large frame sizes while maintaining low weight. Because of its flexibility, lenses are easily fitted onto these types of glasses without accidentally snapping or breaking the rim. Furthermore, the material is lighter than traditional acetate. Unlike acetate, colors are applied as a series of over-coating rather than mixed with the material. However, the process still allows colors coatings seal in plasticizers.


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FREE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
FREE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Vista Sport features designs for the active individual. The frames are light and comfortable, something absolutely essential while trying to break that personal record. The frames are made of surgical grade stainless steel, a material that has been tested in the worst of conditions and have yet to falter. Its anti-corrosive properties means the reason you’ll buy a new pair of glasses is because you got tired of wearing them.
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