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Who Else Wants These Stylish Round Sunglasses?

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Round sunglasses are now bang on trend.

They have been seen on this year’s Fashion Week runway. On the runway, we see these round sunglasses teamed with two-toned lips. Many celebrities and fashionistas have already jumped on the bandwagon so it’s only a matter of time before it catches on to all of us…

Where Did The Round Sunglasses Trend Come From?
You might be asking yourselves, “where did this craze for come from?” Why, from the amazing John Lennon from The Beatles, of course! We have all seen (or seen pictures of) Mr. Lennon in his perfectly round spectacles. Who knew that several decades down the line, fashion would turn retro and nerdy-looking eyewear was to become the ultimate fashion trend?

Who’s Wearing Them Right Now?
Here’s a list of some of our favourite celebrities we have recently spotted wearing round sunglasses.

Alicia Keys

Here we spotted Alicia Keys at New York Fashion Week this month wearing all-black round sunglasses. Slightly over-sized, the eyewear really compliments her oval face shape.

If you have a very round face shape you may want to avoid over-sized round frames and try smaller angular shapes instead.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly was also at New York Fashion Week this month and she sported these retro looking pair. Closer to John Lennon’s style, the amazing yellow contrasts brilliantly against the black opaque lenses.

Teamed with fuchsia pink lips and a bright colour-contrasting dress. Amazing!

Rita Ora

This incredible newcomer on the scene has managed to blown us away with her funky outfits and stunning good looks. Here, we have spotted Rita wearing a pair of over-sized salmon-toned shades.

She matches her eyewear with her statement necklace and completes the look with her trademark red lips and a black leather jacket.


This diva is more well-known for her extravagant on-stage costumes than her fashion style however she seems to be getting it right this year. We spot this yummy mummy opting for a more casual look with her eyewear.

Beyonce colour co-ordinates her black over-sized round frames with a cute beanie hat and a large over-sized jacket.

Katie Holmes

Katie is always busy being a single mum to young Suri, she still proves to us that she hasn’t lost her sense of style just yet. Katie opts for these tortoise-shell designer sunglasses.

She teams her round sunglasses with a nude-beige top and her hair in a pony tail. for a simple, relaxed style.

What Styles Can I Choose From?
There are many different round styles you can choose from. There’s a great selection of John Lennon styles and over-sized styles. Below are 3 of our favourite models at the moment we’ve pick out for you to try!

The Ray Ban RB3447

These amazing Ray Ban sunglasses have are the ultimate round sunglasses to have. Many musicians and other celebrities love wearing Ray Ban eyewear including Rihanna, Tinie Tempah, Tom Cruise, and Megan Fox. If you’re looking for a cool, modern-looking take on round sunglasses, these Ray Bans are perfect.

The Persol PO2988S

Persol has a very unique frame design and style; it’s classic, sophisticated, and timeless. If you’re looking for a traditional and classic frame, the PO2988S is the right choice for you. Plus, Persol is also recognised for their classic tortoise-shell frame design.

The Diesel DL0001

Are you a little bit more adventurous with your eyewear Do you want a frame that looks super retro? Inspired by the 60′s and 70′s, the gradient gives off a cool vibe to the eyewear. The iconic round shape and the graduated brown lenses look amazing. You’ll definitely have some fun with these!


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