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Choosing the Right Frames

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Fashion and Frames Part 1: Shapes to Suit Your Face


Knowing the size, shape, and style of glasses that complement your face is as important as getting a comfortable fit. While some websites allow you to try glasses on virtually by uploading a picture of yourself, a 2-D picture provides only the most basic impression. Finest Glasses is working to establish local retail stores that would provide customers a chance to test the glasses in person, but in the mean time, here are a few tips to help you get a good idea of the frames you want before you start shopping for eye glasses.


Face Shapes and Features

To really get the right look, consider your face shape. While some people may land on the border between face shapes or have difficulty deciding, a good objective view will tell you which are your most prominent features and help you decide how your face is proportioned. Face shapes include five major types, and you can determine yours by comparing your reflection, or a picture of yourself, with the descriptions below.


Round or circular faces are defined by full cheeks, a rounded chin, and an equal length and width. If you're using a picture of yourself, you should be able to draw a perfect circle around your face and have it fit easily within the boarders at all points. 


Oval or long faces have balanced features include high cheekbones, and a chin that's more narrow than the forehead. Their faces appear longer than they are wide and would not fit within a perfect circle. Long faces may have wider chins, but otherwise fit the oval criteria.


Square shaped faced are marked by a prominent jawline, angular features, and a wide forehead. The distinct jaw may appear boxy and wide, not to be confused with a diamond or heart shaped jaw line. You should be able to draw a square with equal length sides around your face without the forehead or chin appearing to jut out of that box.


Diamond faces are widest at their cheekbones with narrow foreheads and chins. While their jaw lines may still appear distinct or even fleshy, it will be narrower than your cheek area. Your forehead may also appear broad at first, but if it tapers at the hair-line, you're a diamond, not a heart.


Heart or triangle face shapes combine a broad forehead and pointed, narrow chin with high cheekbones. Trace an upside down triangle or heart shape around your face, with the point matching your chin to see if your forehead really is broader. If your features appear slightly softer than the harsh lines of a diamond and your cheeks bones less broad and distinct, you're a heart.


Whether your face is more of an oval, heart, or round shape versus a diamond or square will help you determine the style of frames that will best accentuate your features. In order to balance out your features and give your face a more balanced appearance, choose frames that contrast the shape of your face.


Frames to Fit your Face Shape

If you have a round or oval face shape, angular glasses will help give your face a sharper look while anyone with a square face shape or angular features can use curved frames to soften their temperance.


Oval and rounded rectangular frames soften a strong, square jaw and lengthen the appearance of a square face. Half-rim or cat-eye frames can also draw attention up to your eyes and away from a broad or harsh jaw line.


Heart-shaped faces typically look best with aviators or rimless style frames. This is because the flare of aviator frames balances a broad forehead and narrow jaw line to make a the heart-shaped face appear less top-heavy.


People with narrow faces can use taller frames and decorative or squared-off temples to give their face more width. Similarly round faces can use rectangular frames or those bridges in contrast colors to help elongate their faces and create distance between their eyes while ovals benefit from top-heavy or butterfly shaped frames.


Browsing Frames

Having an idea of the shapes that will suit your face helps you narrow down your choices, but sometimes you have to get a pair of glasses on before you can really decide. Until the physical store front is a possibility, Finest Glasses offers a variety of frame shapes as well as styles, colors, and materials on their website. Their wide selection and low prices allow you to experiment with different frames until you find the look that suits you best. Finest Glasses also allows you to filter your searches by shape, and other features, in their side bar, so you can focus on the frames you know will suit your face shape best.

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