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Choosing Glasses for Men

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Do you perpetually fall into the abyss of “I-don’t care”? Are you put off by the seemingly impossible task of choosing a sexy pair of glasses because you don’t know where to start? Choosing glasses for men can be fun and incredibly rewarding with a little attention to detail and a spirit of adventure.

Face shape
Selecting eyewear is like fitting your foot for a shoe. While you might like the design of a particular pair of specs, some frames just don’t fit. The first point to consider is whether the frames are comfortable. Glasses often come in men’s and women’s designs. This is not just the whimsy of fashion; facial features differ strongly in most men and women, making eyewear architecture finicky. You should be comfortable with the nose-bridge, the lenses, and the arms.


Design is the second aspect. Every pair of eyeglasses is designed to complement the wearer’s face. Cumbersome goggles are a thing of the past, unless of course they suit your preferences (on which matter we shall not speak). There is a pair of eyeglasses out there that will fit your facial structure and flatter your features like no other. Details are surprisingly important in creating a look that either works or stumbles painfully. The size of your lenses should be proportional to your face: do not wear over-sized glasses if you have small features as they will disappear. Consider your jawline, the shape and size of your nose, the height and weight of your eyebrows, your forehead, and of course, the size of your eyes. Everything is important, despite initially seeming trivial. Don’t shy away from trying on many pairs or shopping around: there are countless options for a reason.

However you look at it, eyewear is an accessory albeit a very practical one. As with any other similar item, like watches, quality plays an important role in how well this accessory will serve you. When browsing through selection of glasses, take the time to look at the materials used. Different materials function in different ways. What is your lifestyle like? Where are you going to be wearing these glasses?


Titanium, for instance, is an incredibly durable metal, however be prepared for the price-tag to go up. Plastic may seem cheap at first, but many eyeglasses are created especially for sports using varying plastics. Aluminum alloys will differ in strength and durability. If you want to choose a pair of eyeglasses that last, be sure to understand the materials it is made of and whether they will fit your everyday purposes.

The color of the lenses serves two purposes. The spectrum of colors used for sunglass lenses can aid or hinder your sight. Many people will attest to the benefits of brown or grey lenses in sunglasses for golf. Drivers frequently used polarized lenses. On the other hand, you aren’t likely to see many yellow, pink, red, or purple lenses. These tints distort your perception of colors, which can be potentially hazardous or simply inconvenient.


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